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the kılla'



who are these kıllas?

THE KILLA' is the story of those who removed the walls! The story of those who are no longer behind the walls..

some killas like to kill at night.. some during the day.. do they do it to hide? I don't think so mate.. the depths of some are revealed at night.. because night makes people more free.. the night falls on people like a curtain and provides a private space for everyone.

but those who kill during the day are more terrible. they are the cruelest. one comes to mind... veteran. No, no, the veteran is the last person I want to meet.


baba just gives an order.
 / during the daytime, he only takes orders from his family.



miner is the messenger, responsible for conveying orders to the killas at night! / during the daytime, he works as a taxi driver.



skimpy is the one who has the most fun doing this job! I think he's enjoying it too much..

 / but.. in the daytime, he does not take pleasure in reality. therefore, what he does, where he is, is not known.



there is not much information about smuggler.. nothing is known about what he did to those who fell into his hands. / in the daytime, same.. when he wants to find you, he will come to you.



and!! veteran never speaks. he is the oldest, maybe he can be baba's partner.  also he doesn't take orders!

 / in the daytime, he is always high.. He is known that he lives by the lake with a full cigarette.


at the end of the day..

day and night, right. these killas all have multiple personalities.. which one is closer to you? which killa are you? one of those who reveal their true personality when the night falls like a curtain?..

..or the one who is cruel enough to do them during the day?

watch out mate!

your killa' is behind you..
your killa' is watching you..
your killa' is following you..
your killa' is killing you..



your killa' is in you!!

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